Terry survives sixth round carnage!

Monday January 27, 2014. | DTN Media |

Dean Terry bounced back in the best possible way last night at Esperance Speedway as he claimed round six of the MMS Civil 360 Sprintcar Power Series. It was a change in fortunes from the previous night for many competitors, with Terry outlasting the carnage suffered by a number of others, grabbing the lead at the right moment and then going on to claim a popular victory, bettering his ninth place finish the night previous in the state title.
Aldo De Paioli returned to the track after rolling over heavily the night previous and claimed second place at the fall of the checkers, while Daniel Hawkins improved on last nights sixth place to claim the final podium position. Others who suffered a negative change in luck included new state champion Chris Ackland who crashed out, while last nights second placed finisher Troy Anderson also rolled over in the same incident.
Steven Ford claimed third place last night but found himself spinning and sent rear of field on a restart. Shaun Bradford once again suffered some bad luck as he was leading at lap eighteen until a broken radius rod forced him infield, while Corey Hunter also recorded a DNF with a flat tyre. Cory Gilpin and Jason Pryde, who joined the field for the second night of racing, also suffered bad luck after both spun to avoid the Ackland/Anderson incident and both sent rear of field on the restart as per the rule book. Earlier in the night, nine heat races again were held, with some hard racing, big crashes and eight different heat winners, with Bradford once again recording two heat victories.
Troy Anderson took the opening heat from Ian Woods and Steven Ford, while heat two went to Chris Ackland over Dean Terry and Steve Adley. The final heat of the opening round went to Jason Pryde over Cory Gilpin and Corey Hunter. Heat four saw Ian Woods and Steve Adley come together with both suffering front end damage, with Woods out for the night. Owen Ahchee took the heat from Aldo De Paioli and Steven Ford. Heat five saw another incident that saw Brad Alabach go hard into the wall, while Bradford went to claim the heat win from Gilpin and Anderson.
The final heat of round two went to Dean Terry over Corey Hunter and Ackland. Bradford and Hunter came together in heat seven, with Hunter losing his nerf bar and being sent infield, while Bradford went on to claim the win from Anderson and Alabach who managed to repair his car. Heat eight saw Jason Pryde cross the line first but get relegated two positions to third for stepping out of line within the field, handing the win to De Paioli over Terry. The final heat of the night went to Steven Ford over Daniel Hawkins and Ackland.
On behalf of SAWA we would like to thank the entire Esperance Speedway club and all their volunteers for a great show. There was an excellent crowd on hand for the weekends proceedings and the club put on a great show. The next round of the MMS Civil 360 Sprintcar Power Series will be held on Saturday the 1st of March at Bunbury Speedway as part of the opening night of the Krikke Boys Shootout.
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Official Results
Heat 1 - 1. Troy Anderson, 2. Ian Woods, 3. Steven Ford, 4. Shaun Bradford, 5. Steven Treasure.
DNF: Danny Attwood.
Heat 2 - 1. Chris Ackland, 2. Dean Terry, 3. Steve Adley, 4. Owen Ahchee, 5. Aldo DePaoli.
Heat 3 - 1. Jason Pryde, 2. Cory Gilpin, 3. Corey Hunter, 4. Brad Alabach, 5. Daniel Hawkins.
Heat 4 - 1. Owen Ahchee, 2. Aldo DePaoli, 3. Steven Ford, 4. Steven Treasure. DNF: Ian Woods, Steve Adley.
Heat 5 - 1. Shaun Bradford, 2. Cory Gilpin, 3. Troy Anderson. DNF: Danny Attwood, Brad Alabach.
Heat 6 - 1. Dean Terry, 2. Corey Hunter, 3. Chris Ackland, 4. Jason Pryde, 5. Daniel Hawkins
Heat 7 - 1. Shaun Bradford, 2. Troy Anderson, 3. Brad Alabach, 4. Steven Treasure, 5.
Corey Hunter (Mechancial Defect flag)
Heat 8 - 1. Aldo DePaoli, 2. Dean Terry, 3. Jason Pryde, 4. Steve Adley, 5. Cory Gilpin. DNS: Ian Woods.
Heat 9 - 1. Steven Ford, 2. Daniel Hawkins, 3. Chris Ackland, 4. Owen Ahchee. DNS: Danny Attwood.
A Main - 1. Dean Terry, 2. Aldo DePaoli, 3. Daniel Hawkins, 4. Stephen Adley, 5. Steven Ford, 6.
Cory Gilpin, 7. Jason Pryde, 8. Steven Treasure. DNF: Shaun Bradford, Troy Anderson, Chris Ackland, Owen
Ahchee, Corey Hunter. DNS: Danny Attwood, Ian Woods, Brad Alabach.


A Main Podium Place Getters Esperance- (L-R) 2. Aldo DePaoli, 1. Dean Terry, 3. Daniel Hawkins,