Pryde powers to popular win


SEG Media posted Sunday November 5, 2017.


JASON Pryde claimed his first feature race in a 410 sprintcar when he won round two of the AHG Sprintcar Series at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday night.

Pryde started from P3 for the 30-lap final on a slick race track that saw most of the drivers hug the bottom line in the main event, crossing the line ahead of Jason Kendrick, who started from P10 and Jamie Oldfield, who started on the front row and put in another great effort in his under-powered 360ci car.

The win capped off a good night for the driver of the W14 who earlier enjoyed a win and a fifth in his heat races.

The first attempt to start the final was aborted when Scott Chatwin spun and on the second time around it was Pryde who bolted to the lead and immediately went to the bottom of the race track.

Oldfield took the braver option and put the 51 up as high on the track as he could, with the pair of them running side by side for many laps.

Oldfield then took the lead after a handful of laps and tried to put a bit of distance between himself and Pryde.

On lap nine Chatwin spun again and was disqualified for the rest of the event with Carl Dowling, in his first race of the season in the 87, the unlucky one, spinning to avoid the parked car and slightly damaging his top wing.

Dowling got a restart, albeit at the back of the pack.

By this stage Jamie Maiolo was up to third after starting from P7, with Kendrick in fourth and Brad Maiolo in fifth.

Kendrick slid under Jamie Maiolo for third on lap 11 with the latter responding by taking back the spot for a lap before then losing valuable ground.

On lap 15 Kendrick then went to take second, relegating Oldfield, who by this stage had been overtaken by Pryde, to third.

With 10 laps remaining most of the field was running the low line and Jamie Maiolo had put the 99 into third.

With five laps to go Dowling was on a mission and had moved up to fifth and a lap later Brad Maiolo tried to run around the outside of Kendrick in a move that would have put him onto the podium, but he was unable to make it stick and spun out

As the field regrouped for the final four lap sprint to the finish, most drivers were rolling around on the bike track, trying to keep their tyres cool.

Jamie Maiolo tried his hand at the high line on the restart, to no avail, and dropped back through the order.

Dowling was able to claw his way to a solid fourth in a great recovery but it was Pryde who led the pack home for the well-deserved win.

He said after the race the rear tyres were getting low on grip and he started feeling the car vibrating, but with the finish line in sight there was no way he was going to back off.

Daniel Harding, who started from P11, finished fifth, ahead of Kye Sroop, Jamie Maiolo, Brad Maiolo and Ray Leonard.

Pryde won the first heat of the night, taking the win from Brad Maiolo, Andrew Priolo, Kendrick, Corey Hunter and Rob Mould.
Heat two went to Jamie Maiolo from Harding, Dowling, Scroop, AJ Nash and Chatwin.

The third heat went to Kendrick who crossed ahead of Jamie Maiolo, Brad Maiolo, Scroop, Pryde and Nash.

It was a quick turnaround for the Scroop team that was forced to slide in a new radiator in between heats.

Heat four saw Andrew Priolo set sail for home after tagging the fence in the first attempt to start the race.

It appeared something broke in his steering and he was unable to turn the car in pits bend, flipping hard when leading.

Hunter pulled infield after his motor punched a few holes in the sump and Mould also appeared to have major mechanical difficulties, ending his night early.

After the race Kendrick said he had to be patient when starting so far back and he did well to reduce the gap to Pryde by the end of the journey.

It was a great result for Oldfield who had earlier won the 360 feature race – on top of brother Warren winning the Late Model feature race.

Despite failing to impress with celebration donuts at the end of the race Pryde had plenty of reasons to smile - at the start of the night he elected to play his Joker – and doubled his points for the round.

Jamie Maiolo also doubled his points while playing the Joker didn’t go to plan for Hunter who failed to make the feature race.

The third round of the AHG Sprintcar Series will be held at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday, November 18, where a bigger field of cars is expected.


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