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    cheap Ray-ban sunglasses for glare, Ban is blocking, blocking dazzling light is the essence of sunglasses. cheap Ray-ban sunglasses has produced sunglasses with tilted reflector surfaces for the U.S. Air Force, providing maximum visual protection to users. In fact, for a long time, cheap Ray-ban sunglasses is a synonym for shielding the glare of the sun glasses. The birth of cheap Ray-ban sunglasses comes from an American Air Force Lieutenant's distress. When the lieutenant was driving a small plane across the Atlantic in 1923, he felt a deep sense of the sun's troubles and returned to the base with a nasty, headache, blinding reaction. Based on this, in 1930, Dr. Roentgen has developed a cheap Ray-ban sunglassesthat absorbs the most sunlight, radiates the least heat, and maintains good and clear vision. cheap Ray-ban sunglasses In addition to a good protective function, designers will be the shape of the design of a more prominent rugged military temperament.

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According to foreign media reports, Google ray ban clio to obtain a strong partner, its design is expected to become more fashionable. Italian glasses maker Luxottica announced in Monday that it has agreed to design, develop and distribute new versions of ray ban clio. Luxottica is the owner of the Ray-ban and Oakley sunglasses brand. This is the latest sign that the glasses industry is showing interest in ray ban clio, although the benefits to the device remain uncertain.

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    Cheap Ray sunglasses, with Harley-Davidson locomotive, Zippo lighter with the symbol of American culture. Ray English is called Ray-ban,ray for glare, Ban is blocking, blocking dazzling light is the essence of the sunglasses. In the first half of the 20th century, wearing a pair of Rebong is the performing arts industry, Cary, Hepburn is its loyal. Wayfarer white frame, red frame, black frame, tortoise shell ... Different Ray sunglasses stand on the face of Hollywood stars, with the clothes, appear in various occasions. Sienna Miller, Olsen Sisters, Kirsten Dunst are the backbone of the ray. Ray Eye Frame, Representative works: Ray rb5154 spectacle frame, typical American style glasses, exquisite, atmosphere, suitable for various occasions to wear, loved by the tide people,

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    Ray authentic and imitation goods I think the difference is not very large, including glasses boxes and manuals are imitation very much like, if the authentic and imitation goods together unless careful observation, it is difficult to find true imitation of the difference.

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    The ray ban sunglasses produced by Dr. Lun have 31 different styles, and the new varieties are being introduced continuously. These styles can be broadly grouped into three categories: 1. Sport-style sunglasses Besides the function of sports, the sports sunglasses mainly show the temperament of the athlete's masculine, physical health and quick response. 2, Gentleman type sunglasses Gentleman-type represents a conservative, noble image; 3. Lady-Shaped sunglasses The lady-type represents the beauty of chic, elegant and modern women; the styles that can be bought in China are the most suitable for Asians to wear, the color of lenses is mainly green.

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    In the history of cheap ray ban more than 70 years, the leading lens technology for consumer Protection has been in the industry leading position. Ray lenses are scientifically designed to control glare, 100% prevent harmful UV intrusion, effectively filter blue light, and maintain good contrast and sharp vision. Its optical performance is very accurate, even beyond the industry standard of high-quality prescription glasses. Characteristics of Ray Lenses: Pure Optical glass: glass material in fact, in terms of clarity, uniformity and stability has a great advantage. Impact Resistance: Ray lenses are hot and chemically treated, that is, their impact is beyond the FDA's regulations. Durability: Because the glass is particularly stable, its lens color will not fade or change even if it is exposed to sunlight for several years.